System Certification

As an organisation committed to process effectiveness, product conformity, people safety, societal well being and environmental care, you are probably aware that certification can bring recognition from your clients and stakeholders, and ensure you are on a continual improvement path.

Companies today, regardless of size, face ever increasing demands for profitability, quality, and technology that contributes to sustainable development. In order to turn these pressures into a competitive advantage, you need to develop an efficient management system tailored to your business processes and use it systematically to maintain and constantly improve your company’s overall performance.

In a vast number of areas, we are accredited to verify and give official acknowledgement (with a certificate) that a system complies with a specified criteria for which certification is demanded.

Certification includes on-site initial audits and then surveillance audits during the certification period of validity.

Third party assessment and certification has gained world wide acceptance for demonstrating implementation and maintenance of systems over issues such as Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety, Social Accountability, etc. The credibility of Certification Bodies delivering the certificate is ensured by Accreditation Bodies